Interactive calendar and personal organizer with country specific holidays, showing up to 12 months in a screen

Interactive calendar and personal organizer with country specific holidays, showing up to 12 months in a screen

Calendar1-Free is an interactive digital calendar with country specific holidays showing up to 12 months in a screen. All entries are allocated to groups with their own font colour that can be switched on or off by mouse click. So Calendar1-Free copes with a large number of entries like birthdays of family, friends and colleagues, private and business appointments, game plans of sports teams etc. without loosing clarity and readability. You just switch on the group you want to see - alone or overlaid with any of the other groups.

Calendar1-Free can remind user of appointments and birthdays days in advance already at computer startup in a compact list.

Connectivity to Outlook is supported by import and export of entries.

The calendar language (i.e. the language for month and day names, country specific holidays and some messages) can be selected from a list. The operation language is English in any case.

The layout of the calendar is very flexible. User can change count of months on screen (3 to 12), the width of each single column by drawing, and even the colours of the month headers and Sundays.

By adding information like phone number and address to an entry one can build up a kind of address register. Via included search function one has quick access to an entry.

To keep non-date-bound topics in mind a post-it can be stuck to the calendar.

This makes Calendar1-Free different to other Calendars:

+ Overlooks up to 12 month, while most others overlook just one.

+ For birthday entries age is shown automatically.

+ Entries in switchable groups, hence excellent clarity and readability

+ Country specific holidays inclusive

+ Public sports events loadable

The shareware version Calendar1 offers in addition:

+ Excellent printouts with editable header and footer, own icons, also in larger format

+ An alarm clock reminding of events during computer session precisely to the second

+ Group ability through exporting entries to a network drive by one user and importing these entries by other users

Calendar1-Free can be used universally in both home and office. It is as suitable for the creation of yearly or half-yearly schedules as it is for daily personal organization. Check it out.




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